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my book #1

Hello im john i am 50 and i love my family and i have two hounds that i sit on the couch with. I watched the football game. My son is in the little league. I have a chevy car i drive.

Enough about me I am gonna tell you about my day. I woke up next to the wife and got out of my pjs. Ate the cereal. Kissed my son hes going to school today. I worked then went home for the day.

Me and the wife has passionate love. We did sex when the kids where asleep. I sleepd well today. My dogs are good hounds and they like bones to eat. I buy bones at pet smart. I bought stuff at staples last Thursday. I am gonna shop for new matress for sex with the wife.

I am watching sports. The ball goes into the hand of the other team. Today is day i take out the family to dinner tonight. Im going to the sit in pizza place. Im was at the pizza place. We got a pizza for the family. Cheese pepper roni. 4 stars.

What will the next days unfold? Who knows...